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JOVD-07 Middle-Aged Heroine Worst Smell Hell

Once beating the Specter King, Sailor Bright the sacred Heroine has saved the world. Now in peace, she leads her quiet life of a housewife as Tokiko Takamine. One day, a parcel is delivered to her, in which she finds man’s worn-out briefs. Sniffing the bad odor of cum-soiled briefs, she is reminded of loathsome memories. The odor unmistakably belongs to the Specter King. Suspecting the return of the Specter King, she sets out to the address the parcel came from. In wait is the Specter King, whom Sailor Bright snuffs out time and again. But, the Specter King comes around again and again, taking advantage of her hidden desire! Enchanted and tranced by the stinking odor of the Specter King, Sailor Bright finally is beat by him. Will she sniff around and squirm in the bad odor to be sent down the stinking hell! [Bad ending]

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