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STAK-23 Dreamy Lily the Magical Idol

Miyu Morikawa finds a mysterious staff where the spaceship had disappeared. She takes the staff home and a magical fairy pops out of it! She chants the magical spell and Miyu is transformed into an idol! When Miyu walks in the city, everyone is mesmerized by her appearance. Miyu gets scouted for young talent and her dream to become an idol becomes real. As she appears more often in television, she becomes more popular. But one day, an accident happens in her handshake event. An idol otaku tries to monopolize Dreamy Lily and threatens her with a knife. The man who stopped the idol otaku was Kouhei Ueno, the serial rapist… Just when the television staffs were worried about what to do with the next TV program, Ueno brings them a bizarre plan…

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