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STAK-02 Magical-Holic Amika

Amica is an ordinary girl but after encountering a mysterious white creature named Hachibei, her life suddenly changes. Yes! She becomes a magical girl who fights against witches! Amica is given dual pistols and fights against the witches! In the beginning, she faces uphill battles, but she boosts the ability to the next level day by day. But one day, some bizarre thing happens to Amica who does nothing but fights, day in, day out! Some hot burning sensation suddenly attacks her. She’s never felt something like that. She touches the sausage grinder as if she eased herself. But, while she realizes the abnormality, she fights against witches. Then Amica encounters her worst enemy. Amica delivers a deadly blow! At first, she assumes that the enemy is dead. But a pierrot appears from inside of the enemy, and attacks Amica. The pierrot starts teasing Amica’s flesh. And the pierrot turns the tip of a finger into a peenie and torments her sausage grinder. Amica deadly trembles, but she catches the pierrot off his guard, and calls back dual pistols and shoots the pierrot! But!! The pierrot drives her up the wall, and strips everything out of her! And Amica is going to be...

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