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SKOT-09 Heroine Shitting Her Pants SUPER▼WOMAN

It is rumored that among some 8,800 Galaxy sheriffs hunting down harmful space beasts all over the universe, there is someone who is called ‘a rare breed’ by the avid Super Woman fans. A notorious auctioneer Viscus specializing in Super▼Woman sets his eye on Super▼Woman Albion, who has recently started working on Earth. Viscus, who needs an eye-catcher for the upcoming 444th Super▼Woman auction, thinks of a brilliant plan: an invitation for Albion to join hell! ... Albion and Viscus finally confront each other, but Albion knows there is no way for her to win after seeing her fellow Super▼Woman agents captured by Viscus. In addition, Albion is shocked to learn devastating secrets Viscus reveals to her. The Galaxy Peace Maintenance Office she trusted has betrayed her. And she must face another sad fact.... Now begins the Super▼Woman auction, where Albion’s partners is sold one after another. And when Albion’s turn comes, Viscus’s sinister eyes start shining.... Super▼Woman is forced to go through suffocation torture, blowjob while getting pig nose-hooked, vomiting irrumatio, whipping with an electric multi-tailed whip, and high-voltage electric torture. Showing the whites of her eyes and sticking out her tongue, he pees in her pants, and poops, too! But this is only the beginning of the hell she is about to experience. What will become of Super▼Woman Albion? [BAD END]

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