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SKOT-08 Heroine Peeing Her Pants Hell - Sailor Medium

During her prayer, a sinister feeling comes over an evil-fighting heroine Sailor Medium. She remembers the monster she defeated, that cast an evil magic spell before dying. Her bad feeling proved right. Sailor Medium is confronted by a monster Senju! When Medium inadvertently answers Senju calling her name, something appears in the hand of Senju. It is Sailor Medium’s bladder, and when Senju squeezes it, Sailor Medium suddenly feels excruciating pains. Yes, Senju can take out internal organs from a human who answered the call from the monster! Medium attempts to endure the urge to pee, but fails and pees in the pants! Senju laughs at the pants-wetting heroine! To break the curse Sailor Medium tries to defeat Senju, but as Senju repeatedly squeezes her bladder, she is only made to pee again and again! [BAD END]

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