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JDSD-05 Heroine Tickling

An aloof female warrior named Kuroha Shiranui as the Bird Black hates to act together with her fellows, so by herself she has been carrying her mission to steal jewels named Evil-Shining Stones supposed to lead human beings into madness. However, she is trapped by Beruruba who is a cadreman of the Super-Devil Society plotting to make human world into evil world by gathering Evil-Shinning Stones, and unfortunately finally Kuroha is captured. Beruruba, who is a lesbian and sadist, puts Kuroha on torture in order to make her confess where she keeps hiding other stolen Evil-Shining Stones. But Beruruba notices that Kuroha won’t say anything about them with pain. So Beruruba teases and annoys Kuroha with any kinds of methods through a whole night and tries to find out her weak points. And finally Beruruba finds that Kuroha is weak in tickling, and Beruruba puts Kuroha on torture of a tickling machine and makes her taste a hell on earth. However, Kuroha is succeeded in escaping when the enemy is off the guard. But while she is searching the exit, she strays into a room of another cadreman named Dunki. She transforms herself into the Bird-Black and fights against Dunki, but she has been so weaken by Beruruba’s torture. So she is defeated and captured. In addition to that Beruruba appears in there and makes a proposal, and for that reason Kuroha is given tickling torture in rotation and can’t bear endless tickling torture any longer. And finally she confesses all she knows. However, what Kuroha is waiting for is a terrific tickling execution. (BAD END)

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