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GIRO-98 Spandexer vs. Green Devil

Spandexer came to Earth to capture a galactic criminal but decides to stay disguising herself as Maria Baba, the investigator. With the body of steel and overwhelming strength, she cracks down on criminals. Dr. Ryuzaki creates a fighting robot, Shiba 1st and 2nd, and to get a revenge on Spandexer. The superheroine overwhelms Shiba 1st and 2nd with power but when a Terrarium Ore falls nearby, her superpower is sealed! The robots believe they have defeated her and Dr. Ryuzaki commands her to become his subordinate. They began torturing her but Spandexer destroys Shibas and escapes because the power of the Terrarium Ore has weakened. From the datum within the Shibas, Dr. Ryuzaki finds out the existence of the Terrarium Ore and uses it to create an invincible armor. [BAD END]

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