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GIRO-89 Sailor Legend V Part 1

Ages ago, the soul of Sailor Fighters has been succeeded to the girls, and they’ve fought against the Mazoku. Presently, five beautiful girls have obtained the power to fight as Sailor Fighters!
Queen Quarrel appears before the five Sailor Heroines. The queen’s purpose is to defeat the heroines to revive the King of Mazoku.
Queen Quarrel uses her powerful sorcery to summon monsters to defeat the girls. One by one, the heroines get defeated. And Sailor Prier is fated to fight against the queen… Sailor Prier cannot fight back because her friends are captured. Sailor Prier is crucified and her friends are raped… Soon Sailor Prier is raped as well and her friends are killed… Just when she was about to surrender, a spirit of the mysterious sailor heroine appears.
Sailor Prier awakens the secret powers within herself and changes into Sailor Legend! But the revival of the King of Mazoku had already began…

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