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GIRO-85 Super Heroine Secret Code –Crystal Five-

‘Why… Why!!.. No matter how many times we corner her, the tide turns to her advantage.’ Death Brave loses temper. Rose Crystal is the only weak point of the Crystal Five. No matter how many times he comes up with a new plan, he cannot think of another way to defeat them. Death Brave tries to find her weakness by testing the new plan… Meanwhile, Miyu Sasahara is also worried. She is the only one with a special power called Secondary Transformation aka the Secret Mode. No other members know about this transformation but there is a reason… Miyu falls into the traps of Death Brave. Although the Secret Mode can easily defeat the enemies, she cannot use it. ‘By exposing her skin, she scatters pheromones…’ Rose Crystal gets dominated and disgraced… But it did not end there. [BAD END]

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