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GIRO-83 Heroine’s Panties Peeking

[Space Investigator Allie] Ali is the partner of Shazer, the Space Investigator. She came to Earth to capture Bora the galactic criminal. Allie and Shazer are after the enemy but this enemy was far more powerful than they have expected. Allie and Shazer set traps to capture the enemy but… [Maki Matsunaga] Maki Matsunaga fights with the Jet Gallon as a member of the Secret Science Police. They must fight to stop the Meat Mask’s conspiracy! Meat Mask attacks the city and Jet Gallon tries to stop them, but the electromagnetic pulse freezes him. The SSP members are sent to the enemy base to stop the EMP but… [Nanami Aoi] Nanami transforms into Charge Mermaid to defeat the aliens, who are invading Earth. One day, she saves a man who was getting assaulted by an alien but she remembers his face from somewhere. The man is Akio, Nanami’s childhood friend! It has been a while since the last time since she saw him. Few days later, after getting pushed by her friend, Nanami goes out with Akio but… [Diana] Diana is a survivor of the Planet Critori. She is a fighter who protects the Earth against the Marler Army with her friend Spelman. During the battle, Spelman is poisoned by the Megapoison Monster! If she does not find an antidote, his brain will melt in 24 hours! Diana heads to the secret forest to find the antidote…

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