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GIRO-69 Zombie Heroine Maria Kido’s Suspicious Staccato

Maria Kido of the Alphazero 7 investigates the city to examine the deadly virus. Due to the explosion by the World Medical Company, which happened eleven years ago, the Sabiki City was destructed. Ever since then, everyone is forbidden to step inside the area. But Alphazero receives a message from Souma, who died on duty from that explosion. The government sends Alphazero 7 to find Souma because they believe he is the answer to the cure for this virus. Maria infiltrates into the World Medical Company’s building but zombies surround her… She defeats them all and saves Souma but she finds out about the truth… The only way to obtain the antibody of this virus is to fuck a zombie and extract the blood from the woman! Maria sacrifices herself and gets disgraced by the zombies but…

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