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GIRO-58 Naked Kerchief and the Burdened Tattoo

By sacrificing oneself to get possessed by a demon, it suppress the power of a demon. The sisters take over the task of sacrificing oneself to protect the world. Ayumi and Mika are spending their last hours together. But that night, Mika decides to go to hell instead of Ayumi to sacrifice herself… An alarm clock goes off in the room and a letter is left on the table… Ayumi asks her father about how she can save her sister but… A tattoo on her back and a purple kerchief… ‘You must return before this candle flame goes out… Or else…’ Ayumi finally arrives at hell. But she finds her sister bleeding from her eyes and holding her saxophone. The sisters try to escape from the demon but Mika’s body is already possessed… [BAD END]

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