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GIRO-57 Meowtrigger

There is an internal squabble in the Omaz Corporation, a company that uses biotechnological ninjas. The science advisor of the laboratory, Shintaro Hiiragi wants to stop the CEO because he uses his experiments for military utilization. Shintaro gives secret orders to Meowtrigger, the biotechnological ninja of justice. Her missions are to find Masakazu, the legitimate successor of the company, and conceive his child… Meanwhile, Masakazu returns home after getting bullied by Bullgorilla and Mitsuru. The two bullies steal a pendant, which is actually a keepsake from his father. He was told that his fiancée would have the other pair of the pendant… Meowtrigger searches the city to find Masakazu using her pendant and meets Bullgorilla. She explains to the bully that she is his fiancée but… [HAPPY END]

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