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GIRO-55 Mature Heroine Shameful Surrender – Masked Virgin Marianne

Marianne watches over the people because Cybele, the goddess of earth, commanded her to. One day, Marianne receives a report that Prince Lucifer commanded a devil to emerge. The devil’s name is Phalanx. Cybele tells Marianne to remember the principles of justice. If one repents of one’s sinful life, give one a helping hand… Marianne is a kind heroine who forgives one is remorseful. It has been hundreds of years since the last time they’ve met. Marianne’s heaven magic and evenly matched against Phalanx’s hell magic. Just when she is about to finish him, Phalanx begs not to kill him… The staff of judgment is stolen and Phalanx casts ‘Archehaste’ on her. Phalanx controls Marianne’s costume and forces her to take embarrassing poses… Then, some of her costume disappear and there are only few cloths left to protect her. What is going to happen to the mature heroine, Marianne!? [BAD END]

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