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GIRO-42 Heroine Fainting – Space Investigator Ami

Space Investigator Chester and Ami fight against Shiranui to protect the Earth. But Space Merchant X and Barle plan to trick them in order to steal Chester’s special armor. Ami tries to find Chester after the data communication stops but finds out that Chester is confined in the Spatial Prison. Ami cannot fight back against the aliens while Chester is captured, and gets beaten up badly… Even when she is given the chance to fight fairly, the alien is just too powerful. But just then, X betrays Barle and sends him into another dimension. The man who saved her from Barle was actually Zector, the assistant of Ami’s father. Just like Ami, Zector is the survivor of Planet Cecilia but he was the cause of the planet’s destruction… Zector tries to suck out the special energy inside Ami from her mouth and vagina!! Ami falls unconscious but... [BAD END]

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