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GIRO-40 Non-Transforming Heroine - Andrzei Yellow Ema Part 2

Soon after Lisa gets disgraced, the Nehleth Base is suddenly attacked by the Justice team. The Nehleth Empire is forced to retreat from Earth due this attack. Lisa is rescued during the invasion but is mentally exhausted. Few decades later… The Nehleth Empire begins the invasion once again, and a different Justice stands in their way. They called themselves Andrzei Ranger. Ema, aka Andrzei Yellow, abhors the Nehleth Empire. Leh Zalga creates a special weapon from the data retrieved from defeating Bright Yellow. It is a weapon that sends out radio waves to stop the transformation! Leh Zalga knows Ema’s feelings toward him and decides to use it against her. Just when Ema tries to transform, the special weapon is shot! Ema falls and tries to escape from the combatants but gets captured. Leh Zalga begins raping her but Ema does not give her hopes up… [HAPPY END]

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