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GIRO-39 The School Valkyrie Color Guardian

Hey! My name’s Kokoro Ichimura. I’m Color Guardian #1 and the manager of the Super Heroine club in the Yumigaoka Academy. Day and night, I take care of all sorts of troubles in the school. Forgive me… If I fall asleep during class ;) Oh yeah, my partner is Hato Nishina, Color Guardian #2… Everyone knows her as the class president. But one day, evil men starts appearing in the academy!! I’m tired of searching for pencils and saving a cat. It’s time for Color Guardians to save the school! But there’s one problem… the enemy is a giant cockroach! Hato hates cockroach!! Hato, if you don’t fight, we’re going to get killed!?!?!? Wha… What!? Hato is changed into a cockroach!? Am I dreaming? Wake up!.. It’s not time for lesbian fun! The combatant’s penis… Don’t worry, we are always together. Even if we both get disgraced!!! [HAPPY END]

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