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GGFH-03 Foreign Heroine Sailor Earth

A high school girl, Kimberly Shields is suddenly attacked by a mysterious monster. Kimberly cries for too much fear. Then, in the faintish world...the goddess Athene’s voice echoes there. ’I give the power to you, because you obtain a saint heart.’ Kimberly gets the power of the Sailor-Earth, in order to protect the earth. And she fights against the King-Devil but she is defeated in the overwhelming power. Furthermore, the Sailor-Earth is surrendered by a civilian whom the King-Devil has ordered to do. Then, the King-Devil declares to the Sailor-Earth. ’It is the goddess that has pulled you out at the place of the battle! Aren’t you deceived by the goddess!? If you need the power, I will give it to you....’ The Sailor-Earth is seduced by the King-Devil’s strategy, and she is going to be... [BAD END]

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