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GDSC-69 Pure White

[Fetish] The supreme ruler of evil controls this country and his hobby is torturing a justice heroine… Today’s target is Pure White. The ruler sniffs Pure White’s body and licks her arm pit. She feels an aversion to the man, but there are no ways of her to escape from him. Then the supreme ruler pulls out Pure White’s tongue and… [Insect] The ruler brings a creepy creature in front of Pure White’s face. He then puts the bug on her lower body. Pure White twists and bends her body to drop the bug but it enters into her vagina. Pure White tries to act as if nothing is wrong but she feels pleasure from the bugs squirming inside her… [Subjugation] Pure White is crucified after getting disgraced by the insects. The supreme ruler beats on Pure White with a club for not listening to his commands. She gets electrified and strangled until she suffocates. Finally, the ruler takes out his sword and… [Surrender] After getting tortured repetitiously, Pure White lost her powers. The supreme ruler enjoys watching her crawl on the ground trying to escape from him. He grabs her hair and shoves his cock into her mouth. Pure White is in agony but he does not stop. She was released from the blow job but now he shoves his penis into her pussy…

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