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GDSC-64 Sailor Plaredeth

[Deep Throat] Sailor Plaredeth is captured by the enemy. The monster wants the beautiful fighter to give him a blowjob but she has no idea what to do. `I’m telling you to lick this` says the monster. She is shocked by his words, but has to obey him because he has a hostage… Sailor Plaredeth struggles with her feelings but decides to suck on it… [Butt Fetishism] The monster commands Sailor Plaredeth to lift her skirt up for him… She tries to act as if nothing is wrong but the monster spreads love potion on her buttocks. The sailor fighter is spanked, caressed, and… [Crotch Torture] Sailor Plaredeth cannot move from her position. The monsters attack her private area and she begins to feel pleasure… The monster shoves his finger into her vagina and moves his finger violently… The monsters shove a toy into her pussy and… [Surrender] Sailor Plaredeth gets caressed by the enemy commander and allows him to disgrace her… She tries to bear the pain but she begins crying… After the commander finishes enjoying her pussy, it’s the monsters turn to have fun with her…

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