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GDSC-63 Masked Sexy

[Crotch Attack] A teacher is punished by the Principal for being disobedient. But Sexy Mask shows up to save him. Although it seemed as if she had defeated the Principle, Sexy Mask is suddenly shocked by something. The teacher escapes from the classroom but she is captured by them. Sexy Mask gets her vagina attacked. [Buttock] Now the Principles attack her beautiful buttocks. The mesmerized teacher blows air to her asshole using a straw and spread lotion. He licks her asshole and Sexy Mask gasps! The principle scolds her for making weird noises and tells her never to do it again. He spanks her over and over but she cannot stop. [Deep Throat] Sexy Mask tells the mesmerized teacher that she has a wonderful gift for him. She defeats him easily but the Principle had captured the graceful teacher once again… ‘If you really want to save this man, show yourself on the camera’ says the Principle. Sexy Mask has no choice but to take her mask off. Just when she takes her mask off up to her mouth, the mesmerized teachers shove their cocks in it. [Surrender] The mesmerized teachers tease Sexy Mask. They spread love potion all over her body. Someone speaks to her, ‘I never thought things would turn out to be this easy… You had absolutely no clue’ The mesmerized teacher takes his mask off and she finds out about the truth… ‘You were tricked by us from the beginning’ Sexy Mask realizes that she had been fooled but it was too late… She gets disgraced by the teacher and becomes their servant.

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