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GDSC-61 Superlady

[Subjugation] Super Lady has dominated Mad Killer and Sadistic Lady. She kills Sadistic Lady before Mad Killer and attempts to execute him next. But just then, a combatant attacks Super Lady with a Criptor Ore. Mad Killer captures Super Lady, who has killed his partner, and tortures her. Super Lady gets touched all over her body using the Criptor Ore and loses energy. Mad Killer uses weapons to beat on her. [Masturbation] Super Lady escapes from Mad Killer’s torture. Now, its her turn to torture the man who played with her. But luckily, the combatant brings the Criptor Ore around her. Super Lady is forced to masturbate in front of them... [Surrender] Super Lady wants to have a revenge for what they’ve forced her to do last time. She begins caressing Mad Killer’s cock but the combatant brings the Criptor Ore again! Super Lady gets disgraced by Mad Killer. [Slutification] After getting disgraced by Mad Killer, the enemy place Criptor Ores around her. Her body is burning hot and she begs to Mad Killer...

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