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GDSC-57 Pure White

[Wrestling Attack] Pure White and Pure Black have a small quarrel. Pure White sees a clear image of her partner getting tortured in her mind... ’We’ve captured Pure Black! If you want to save her, come to our hideout!’ Pure White enters the room... But there are traps set inside and Pure White loses all of her powers. She must fight against the Torturer without using her special powers... [Armpit Torture] Pure White is captured after losing against the Torturer... She is hung from the ceiling... And her armpit is exposed... The Puncher sniffs her armpit... She dislikes his actions but he continues to sniff and lick... Pure White breathes hardly... The Puncher spreads a slimy liquid on her and uses her armpit to masturbate. The Torturer approaches Pure White now. She tries to escape from his attacks, but he stomps on her private spot. Pure White groans in pain... The Torturer uses his long tongue to play with her. They now use a rope to attack her private area... Pure White exposes her breast... The Puncher plays with her nipples... Then the Puncher forces her to suck on his cock. He deeply inserts it into her throat and makes her drool all over the floor... Now Pure White is set on the torture desk for a more painful torture. She has her arms and legs tied up on the desk and...

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