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GDSC-56 Ryuseiger Blue

[Stomach Punching] Blue and Green corner Emperor Odel... But he laughs dauntlessly. Yellow is transported to the room but he is put inside a cage. Odel commands Green to torture Blue or Yellow will be electrified to death. Blue and Green decide to act as if they are listening to his orders... ’Now Green, punch blue in the stomach.’ Green punches her in the stomach as he is told. Blue falls on her knees from getting punched in the stomach. ’Hey Blue, next time you put your knees on the ground, Yellow is finished’ Blue stands up to protect Yellow’s life but... [Clitoris Torture] Blue is tied up on a chair. Emperor Odel starts having fun with Blue... ’Have your allies ever touched you here?’ He begins touching her in the lower stomach. ’What are you doing!’ screams Blue. And Green enters the room... His hands... Odel commands Green to do what he was doing a moment ago. ’Blue... I’m sorry, I must do this to save Yellow...’ Green uses an electric massager on her... ’Oh please... Green, stop...’ But Green does not stop. Blue is tortured by her friends and... [Kiss] Now Green is put in the cage... She listens to whatever Emperor Odel commands. ’Swear an oath to become my servant!’ He tries to make Blue his sex servant. Blue doesn’t want to listen to what he says because she is a justice hero. But Blue must make up her mind to save the people she trusts. Blue is told to kiss him to swear an oath. [Sex Service] To save the lives of her friends, Blue stuff’s Emperor Odel’s cock in her mouth. He shoves his cock deeply into her throat... And she allows him to screw her. Blue tries hard to make Odel feel good so her friends will be released... But...

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