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GDSC-53 Doggy Yellow (Subjugation, Electric Massager, Hermaphrodite, Surrender)

[Subjugation] Doggy Yellow is on the lookout for Charge Pink. But this was merely a trap set up by Camyulus. He surprise attacks Doggy Yellow and strangles her. Camylus’ brothers torture Doggy Yellow and suck her energy out. She gradually loses power and her mask turns off. She falls unconscious after getting tortured. [Electric Massager] Doggy Yellow is wounded all over her body. The monster attacks her titties and vagina with a vibrator. [Hermaphrodite] After Camyulus made her brothers prepare, she uses sorcery to grow a penis on Doggy Yellow’s crotch. She grabs her penis and whips her. Camyulus forces Doggy Yellow to lick her own semen. Doggy Yellow then has an erection and Camyulus sucks on her cock... Later, she is forced to drink her own cum. [Surrender] After getting toyed by Camyulus, Yellow is beginning to lose the intention to fight back. Her uniform gets ripped off and the surrender begins. Yellow gasps from getting a cock shoved by the combatant. Camyulus caresses Yellow’s titties while the combatant disgraces Yellow. Yellow’s feelings are shattered after getting surrendered both at the same time.

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