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GDSC-51 Beautiful Witch Girl Fighter Fontaine

[Masturbation] Fontaine heads to the enemy base to save her best friend, Ichigo. Diabla tells her to masturbate, if she truly wants to save Ichigo. [Subjugation] Now Diabla tortures Fontaine with fists and club. She endures the pain to save her best friend, but a different torturer shows up. But what is this!? The torturer is Ichigo! Ichigo felt betrayed by the fact that Fontaine was hiding her true identity from her. She tortures Fontaine by whipping her. [Surrender] Ichigo caresses Fontaine very thoroughly. Ichigo kisses and licks all around her body. Later, Diabla shoves his dick into Fontaine’s vagina in front of her best friend. [Pissing] After getting disgraced by Diabla, he forces her to drink water. Fontaine tries to stop the desire to urinate, but unwillingly wets her underwear.

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