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[Subjugation] Homura uses her special power to defeat the ninjas. But every time she uses it, her heart is in great pain. A tentacle coils around her arm… Homura tries to unbind the tentacles but an another one coils up her other arm. Then a ninja shows up and asks where she hid the secret scroll. She uses her power once again to destroy the tentacles and defeats the one controlling the tentacles… And the chief of the clan appears… But she no longer had the power to move around. ’I will never give you the Forbidden Scroll’ The boss takes Homura… [Masturbation] ’Have you ever masturbated?’ The chief asks Homura… ’Wha… what in the world are you saying…’ She reddens her face. The chief uses a doll to control her. ’L… Look away’ The ninjas observe her masturbate. Homura tries to stop herself from gasping, but whenever her finger touches the spot she squeeks. Her finger becomes wet… cum drips on the floor from her pussy… And a tentacle stretches its way… And the man who controls the tentacle shows himself! ’What!? I thought I killed you…!?’ The chief explains, ’This man doesn’t get killed that easily. He regains strength by slurping women cum’ [Pissing] Homura still does not speak of where the scroll is hidden. The chief injects a drug… she notices the abnormality within her body… ’What are you doing fidgeting like that?’ saids the chief. Homura answers, ’N… nothing’ She tries not to act as if something was happening. The chief laughs at her, ’I shot a drug that boosts up your desire to urinate… Now you are going to suffer!’ Homura tries to bear the pain by holding her stomach but she cannot hold it in anymore. ’Oh my, you aren’t a little child, are you? We’ll watch you wet your undie ’ The chief puts his hand on her mask and… [Insult] ’Now tell us where you’ve hid the scroll or we will extract all of your cum!’ The ninjas caress her body and she starts dripping fluid from her pussy… The tentacle slurps the liquid directly from her vagina…

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