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GDSC-48 Ranger Pink Before Transformation (Domination, Clitoris, Surrender, Tickling)

[Domination] Ren Momoi, aka Ranger Pink, sneaks into the enemy headquarters. Just when she steals the important documents, an alarm goes off! Ren tries to escape but the door shuts... Enigmatic gas blows out and Ranger Pink loses consciousness after sniffing it... When Ren wakes up, she hears a voice, ’Now let’s play a little game. You’ll be freed if you can defeat the monsters! Wish you luck sweetie!’ A monster jumps on her. Ren tries to transform into Ranger Pink, but her transformation bracelet is missing! Ren fights against the monster without transforming... [Clitoris Torture] Ren is captured by the enemy and the combatants are here to play with her. Every time they touch her clitoris elaborately, she takes a deep breathe. Ren acts as if she isn’t feeling anything but... [Surrender] A new monster shows up and attacks Ren. After hours and hours of getting her clitoris fingered, Ren’s body is exhausted. Then she hears a familiar voice. The chief officer is captured and is watching anxiously at Ren. ’Now, if you can’t stand his attacks, your comrade is gonna hear you gasp every time!’ Ren tries not to gasp in front of her boss... but she can no longer hold it. She gets assaulted by the monster’s boner. The monster screams, ’You humans watching this! If you want to save this bitch, you’d better surrender now! If not, this bitch is going buh-bye!’ [Tickling Torture] Ren is abandoned by her fellow members. The minion screams, ’Now that your comrades have abandoned you, you are our sex servant for the rest of her life!!!’ The minion tickles all over her body...

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