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GDSC-47 Mystic Blue After Transformation

[Surrender] Mystic Blue chases down the monster into a room! Suddenly the room begins glowing and a card appears. The monster begins laughing creepily but Mystic Blue is oblivious of the situation. But after seeing the card he has obtained, she lost her words. The monster obtained a special card printed by the government that permits anyone to have sex with whomever the card is shown to. Mystic Blue gets her innocent body assaulted by the monster. [Kiss] After getting disgraced by the monster, a minion captures Mystic Blue... Mystic Blue is hung down from the ceiling and gets kissed while she cannot strike back. She tries to push the combatant away but he shows her a rare card... She allows him to kiss her as much as he wishes... But something is changing how she feels... [Slutification] Mystic Blue cannot stop thinking about having sex... She starts masturbating to stop that feeling. Then a minion is thrown into the room where Mystic Blue awaits. She jumps on to the minion, grabs his cock out and enjoys the taste of his semen. [Leg Fetish] There is no way for Mystic Blue to come back to the Justice Side. She awaits half-naked in a room waiting for a cock. The combatants enters the room and use a slimey cream on her body. Then she begins caressing the enemy’s cock with her feet...

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