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GDSC-46 Spandexer

[Leg Fetish] Spandexer rescues Professor Manda, who is the founder of the next generation energy. Professor Manda shows Spandexer the new source of energy... but Spandexer is suffering. The source happens to be Terrarium Ore, Spandexer’s only weakness! ’Please... please, put... that away...’ Professor Manda is oblivious of the situation. Just when he tries to put it away, an intensified Golgiath steals the ore from him. The enemy uses the Ore to pierce Spandexer’s legs with needles... [Kiss] Spandexer is caught by the intensified Golgiath. Several Golgiath combatants appear and order her, ’Get your tongue out!’ No matter how miserable the situation is, she will not listen to such a command. But the needles were beginning to hurt Spandexer. But now they threaten on torturing Professor Manda if she does not listen to them. Spandexer listens to what they say reluctantly and allows the combatants to play with it. But a combatant surprises her by kissing! She cannot bear no more, but if she refuses the professor is dead. [Surrender] Due to the Terrarium Ore, Spandexer had lost most of her powers. The Golgiath begins caressing Spandexer and commands the Professor to lick Spandexer’s pussy if he wants to live. Spandexer feels pleasure from getting licked by the one who she tried to protect. Soon the Professor cannot control his sexual desires anymore and tries to make love to her but the Golgiath pushes him away and screws her. [Slutification] After feeling despair from getting disgraced by the Golgiath, a new power begins gushing out of Spandexer. She defeats the Golgiath in an ease and Professor Manda notices something different about her. He tries to escape but Spandexer captures him and begins rubbing her pussy on his face. She grabs his cock out and sticks it inside herself...

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