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GDSC-44 Marvelous Mask (Leg Fetish, Kiss, Insult, Slutification)

[Leg Fetish] Marvelous Mask fights against the Black Fox Company. ’That’s enough!’ screams the mysterious man. As she looks toward the man, she finds someone familiar… It was Eijiro, her husband!.. ’If you don’t want this guy to be killed, you better listen to what we say!’ Marvelous Mask is getting threatened by the man and moves her leg… [Kiss] ’Now kiss this man!’ The Black Fox Company orders Marvelous Mask to kiss a gross man… ’N… No, I cannot do such a thing!.. My heart belongs to my husband!..’ But she must do what they way in order to save her husband. Marvelous Mask is having a hard time but she finally kisses someone besides her husband. [Insult] Marvelous Mask is absent-minded after the kiss… And a villain appears. The villan shows her a dildo and says, ’Use this to masturbate!’ Marvelous Mask is embarrassed to do such a thing in front of all these people. But the villain says, ’Do it like you always do when you are alone waiting for your husband!’ It was true, she does masturbate when her husband was late from work. She begins using the dildo and the villain starts recording her… [Slutification] After finding out that she was tricked, Marvelous Mask’s sexual desire goes out of control. She begins grabbing anyone’s penis and hopping on to it.

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