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GDSC-34 The Black-Fire Pilot Sayo Okita(Domination,Subjugation,A vibrator,POV)

[Domination] Sayo performs an emergency-landing after getting chased down by aliens. Unfortunately it did not take long for an alien to show up, it tries to capture her. Sayo hastens her hands for the gun holder, but what is this? Her laser zapper is missing! Without it Sayo has no way of counter-attacking. Just when she finds her gun, the second alien shows up and overwhelms her. [Subjugation] Sayo gets caught by the aliens. She gets beaten while slinging from the ceiling but the chain breaks. Sayo is now getting toyed by the enemy while crawling on the floor. [Vibrator] The alien injects an aphrodisiac in Sayo. Her body burns due to the effects of the aphrodisiac, but the alien attacks her delicate spot with a vibrator. She kills her voice to resist an orgasm. [POV] After getting tamed with the vibrator, the alien undresses Sayo. Unable to make a move because she is restrained on the examination table, the alien repeats inserting and extracting its penis to tantalize her. Soon Sayo begins to earnestly desire the alien’s penis.

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