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GDSC-32 Sailor-Sapphire (Subjugation, A vibrator, Domination, POV)

[Domination] Sailor Sapphire obtains Power of Defense from the holy water. But she loses it after getting cursed by an enemy. While she has no power, an another enemy named Chameleon Man beats on Sailor Sapphire. She sees a glimpse of light to escape. How will she escape this serious crisis? [Subjugation] Sailor Sapphire fainted after the battle against Chameleon Man. The Chameleon Man forcibly wakes her up by using an electrified club. For the first time, Sailor Sapphire is electrified by the enemy and begins to feel terror toward death. They repetitiously beat her with the club and... [A Vibrator] The enemy uses a powerful vibrator on Sailor Sapphire that gives her orgasms. [POV] Sailor Sapphire had no powers left to fight against Chameleon Man. She finds one of the enemy pointing his finger at a direction, where she finds her... Sailor Sapphire is ordered to expose her breast in front of it and refuses... In addition to that, Sailor Sapphire is forced to... and desires the enemy to stop but...

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