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GDSC-15 Galaxy Special Agent Alice (Cunnilingus, Electric Massager, Surrender)

[Cunnilingus] Galaxy Special Agent Alice tries to rescue her friend Jenda. She tries to kill the monster with her laser gun but they threaten to kill Jenda. Alice is then crucified by the tentacles. The monster commands the combatant to torture Alice by licking her ears, neck, arm pit, breast, and thigh. Then he begins gently licking her pussy... [Vibrator] Although her original purpose was to rescue her friend, she is now getting attacked with a vibrator. She tries to be quiet because she doesn’t want her to see her getting harassed. But... [Surrender] Alice throws herself to save her friend. She is disgraced in front of her best friend and tries to act as if she is calm. But little did she know Jenda was already dead. Alice finds out about the truth and fights back but the cadre forcefully disgraces her. The monster strangles her to death while raping her.

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