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GDSC-12 Wonder Maria

★ Subjugation ver.: ’The enemy attaches a special ring filled with liquid which seize a move of the Monder-Maria. Now she is bound hand and foot. Knocking, choking, claws on the belly, stomping over the belly and the tits, splitting the legs, pinching nipples, biting nipples, and beating with a stick with splinters.’
★Brainwashing ver.: ’The Monder-Maria is captured and brainwashed. The Wonder-Maria desperately bears the brainwashing, but she is tortured and weakened. She is played cat with and totally brainwashed. Her fellows come to rescue her, but she kills them. She wakes out of the brainwashing because of the shock, but again she is brainwashed. The Wonder-Maria completely falls into brainwashing again, and kills robots that just look like her fellows. But this time she never wakes out of the brainwashing.’
★ Surrender ver.:’The enemy attaches the special ring that shears the Wonder-Maria of strength. Now she is bound hand and foot, and is disgraced as much as the enemy likes.’

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