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GDSC-08 Beauty-in-the-bud mask Fontaine

★Episode Suppression: ‘Fontaine’s best friend is taken hostage by Demon Zathern, and Zathern tells Fontaine to do whatever he orders if she wants her friend back alive and in one piece. Fontaine agrees, and Zathern hits her hard, wrings her neck, squeezes her breasts as if crushing them, giving electric shocks and whipping. Fontaine is told not to let go of the chain she is made to grab no matter what happens. But she fails, and to save her friend’s life, she is forced to make a dogeza, kneeling on the ground and bowing to prostrate herself to touch her head to the floor, which Zathern tramples under foot. The humiliating tortures continue.’ ★Episode Fetish: ‘To save her best friend, Fontaine has to endure whatever Demon Zathern does to her. What Zathern does want is tickling torture. Fontaine, who happens to be sensitive to tickling, continues to moan, feeling her nipples visibly harden under her clothes. Then with a vibrator and other tools, Zathern goes on torturing the moaning Fontaine, tickling her armpit, sides and nipples.’ ★Episode Disgrace: ‘With her friend taken hostage by Demon Zathern, Fontaine cannot fight back. Strapped on a table, she is tortured with a vibrator and an electric toothbrush pushed against her crotch. After the rigorous vibrator torture, Fontaine starts moaning and finally squirts. Zathern then orders her to give him fellatio. Before she does that, Zathern, particular about being clean, cleans her tongue with a tongue brush. Fontaine endures this surrender and gives him blowjob. Then Zathern starts raping her slowly.’

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