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GATE-40 Naked Heroine 40 Phase:40 - Mighty Ami

Mighty Ami must settle the battle against Killer Queen, who killed her developer. But Torture Queen, a cadre working under Killer Queen, shows up instead. She says, if you want to battle against Killer Queen, she must firstly defeat Torture Queen. Ami fights against her but Torture Queen uses the torture sound-wave to stop her moves. Torture Queen uses locking techniques and bites on Ami with her sharp teeth. By biting her, Ami’s body becomes paralyzed. Torture Queen’s sexual desires are stimulated by Ami and caresses her gently. Ami is called a sex doll, which angers her. Torture Queen finishes with a kiss but Ami bites on her. Torture Queen is furious of the surrender and commands her combatant to screw the mechanical heroine.

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