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GATE-33 Naked Heroine 33 Phase:33 - Female High Ranking Member Testa - Heroine Surrender

Here is a female cadre named Testa. When she doesn’t have anything to do in her spare time any night, she releases her sexual frustration with her subordinate’s combatants...however, because of her exceeded sexual demands, these combatants can’t catch up with making their new sperms... At such an occasion, Testa coincidentally finds the Pink, one of the enemy’s fighting unit, sneaking into her secret base. Testa easily catches the Pink right after Testa gives the Pink unexpected attack of kick in the crotch, and depriving the Pink’s order to cease the Pink’s counterattack. And Testa keeps giving the Pink extraordinary crotch attack for the time being. Then, as if Testa came up with some thought, she surrenders the Pink who cannot transform and is being wasted, for the purpose of using the Pink as her sexual outlet. Even if Testa is asked her purpose by the Pink, she replies easily like, ’I’m just killing time.’ Beginning from a mouth and hands, and using some special-made love-drug and torture equipments, Testa’s surrender is going to escalate... And then, the superlative thing is ’The Self-and-Others Simultaneous-Pleasure-Electric-Penis’, has been developed by her science team, in the place of combatants’ weak peters, and Testa attacks the Pink with it... [BAD END]

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