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GATE-30 Naked Heroine 30 - Phase:30 Charge Mermaid

The gigantic star cluster Goddsua, organized around the Star King Budzey, aims at conquering the Earth. Nanami Aoi is now engaged in rescuing civilians assaulted by Bidler soldiers, the Goddsua’s fighters. But the civilians are transformed into beasts by cosmic beasts Zolvas. Adjutant Zeema plans on changing all male earthlings into beasts. Nanami transforms herself into Charge Mermaid to foil Zeema’s plan... Beast hostages, paralyzing devilish kiss, robbed Charge Sword, groped body... Charge Sword to turn the table around, fooled Charge Mermaid, virgin lost, glass dildo, visualized dreams and thoughts, screwing by Commander Guildo, threesome joined by Adjutant Zeema, so evolves the story to shake up Nanami’s body and mind. What destiny awaits Charge Mermaid, whom Star King Budzey refers to as a life form!? [Bad ending]

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