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GATE-27 Naked Heroine 27 Phase:27 Younger Sister Fighter Sister Saver Alice

Wearing the reinforced suit Sister Saver her brother Taketo Fushiki has made, which is powered by mental strength, Arisu Fushiki has been at war with Specter Akuhda whose aim is to conquer the world. With his vicious plans having been foiled one after another, Akuhda hates Arisu’s guts. He now realizes that Arisu’s power derives from her thoughts of her brother Taketo. Yes, Arisu Fushiki is truly a brother’s girl. Knowing that fact, Akuhda plans to get rid of Taketo, but he thinks better of it. A better idea would be to brainwash Taketo and have him molest Arisu. That would hurt Arisu more. Taketo is kidnapped and brainwashed with a notion that his pure sister Arisu has now turned a dirty bitch planning on groping Taketo. Taketo falls into Akuhda’s trap. Arisu, now transformed into Sister Saver Arisu, is lured out by Akuhda with Taketo as a bait and finds Taketo confronting her. Unable to resist, Arisu is now manhandled mercilessly by her loving brother and Akuhda, who orders Taketo to disgrace her. Kicking and pushing with all her might, Arisu is finally screwed by Taketo who has turned Akhuda’s cat’s-paw. [Bad ending]

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