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GATE-19 Naked Heroine 19 Phase:19 -Super-queen

The Super-Queen has come from the direction of the universes, and now she has been protecting the earth from evil hands of a wicked secret organization named the Angolian. On such a day the Angolian puts the President abduction plan into execution. The Super-Queen appears in the hairbreadth place and succeeds in rescuing the President, however, it’s a trap of the Angolian, in fact. The Angolian has developed an equipment which artificially generates the Creep-Stone that is the Super-Queen’s weak point, and they has schemed to beat the Super-Queen. The Super-Queen, who is fainted away by the Creep-Stone , is restrained, and she is tortured by combatants of the Angolian. However, it’s not satisfactory for them and they use the Super-Queen’s body as a toy, and they begin to give a disgraceful surrender. Well, is it possible for the Super-Queen to get out from the pinch? [BAD END]

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