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GATE-17 Naked Heroine 17 Phase:17 Beautiful Girl Fighter Bell

“Bell” is a beautiful girl fighter of justice, now imprisoned by Death Empire. They put the captured heroine through tortures, insistently interrogating her to learn the location of the secret base. The enemy combatants keep torturing her, punching in the stomach, knee-kicking, grabbing boobs and crotch, choking the neck, and ripping off the wings in the back. They hit her in the stomach, the butt, and the groin with an iron club, but to no avail. The frustrated combatants change tactics, giving her sex tortures. She is tortured by a knotted rope digging into her clitoris, and her erogenous zone is stimulated by electric vibrators. Bell’s sex organ is directly stimulated with vibrators and fingers, and she is forced to squirting orgasm. After that her moist pussy is licked insistently, and she gets forced orgasm again. Finally Bell gets a grotesque-looking pipe stuck in her pussy, and the beautiful heroine is changed into a horny girl devouring a penis in her mouth. Sex-hungry Bell is fucked by the combatants, but that is not enough for her. She no longer looks like a heroine, endlessly enjoying masturbating herself with fingers and vibrator. [BAD END]

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