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GATE-10 Naked Heroine 10 Phase:10 Joan of Arc A

Sae Yuuki, entrusted by aliens from Star Ruby with a UFO that transforms into gigantic robot Jeanne d’Arc A, has been battling with aliens from Star Gron who conspire to conquer the earth. Aliens from Star Gron dispatch Robot Darkiller to terminate Jeanne d’Arc A and Sae Yuuki. While defeated easily one time, Darkiller analyzed the battle to assess Jeanne d’Arc A’s fighting potential and reappears before Jean d’Arc A completely reinforced. Darkiller defies Jean d’Arc A’s weaponry and battling techniques, damages Jeanne d’Arc A and torments Sae who suffers the damage fed back from Jeanne d’Arc A. Moreover, Darkiller seals off Jeanne d’Arc A’s moves and sends Star Gron aliens into the cockpit. Sae tries to fight off the aliens invading the cockpit, but she gets hurt because she cannot move, as Jeanne d’Arc A’s moves linked to Darkiller’s motions are sealed. Unable to counter attack, Sae gets screwed by the Star Gron aliens dispatched additionally.

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