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GATE-04 Naked Heroine 04 Red Kamen - Middle-aged Woman Surrender

Tsubasa Sakakibara, the school master domineering the academy, has been brainwashing students with a scheme to subject the world. Nobuko Oshio (Red Mask), disguised as a school-teacher, has joined the academy staff to foil the crooked scheme of Tsubasa Sakakibara. Frustrated by repeated failures, Tsubasa sets out to collect information on Red Mask to reveal her identity. Then, Nobuko receives a card, with a message ”Your student is taken. If you want her back, come right out!” Nobuko goes out, without transforming into Red Mask!!! There awaits what!!! Sakakibara starts molesting Nobuko who keeps her identity hidden. While she forbears the groping, Nobuko finally...

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