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GATE-01 Naked Heroine - The Trap : Surrendering Ms. Exceed

Miss Exceed keeps her daily fight with the Magical Corps to preserve the world’s peace. Her mission this time is to remove the Plutonium bomb planted by the Magical Corps. With her peers engaged in battles elsewhere with the Magical Corps, she alone has to go for the mission. According to the information given by Troop Chieftain Kadomatsu, the bomb has the potential to blow off the whole Tokyo metropolis if it is detonated. Successfully sneaking into the Corps hideout, Miss Exceed finds Helter, the Magical Corps’ cadre facing her. In his hand is held the plutonium bomb. Unable to fight back, Miss Exceed gets molested by Helter as he pleases. Will Miss Exceed ever take back the plutonium bomb? Or, will she have to fall down on Helter!

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