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CHSH-12 Hyper Sexy Heroine NEXT Dragon Hazard2

After Key stopped terrorism of ’the Liberation of the Tiger,’ she was send back to her own country, and now she’s being captivated. But one day, the Government asks her to do a job in return for general pardon. Actually, ’the Liberation of Tiger’ has been again laying a scheme to act terrorism with bacterial weapons. Around the same time, Maki, who is a girl works for Mound-Hoodman Detective Agency is asked to run background checks on a man named Takafumi Murai who is a senior staff of a producing department in a pharmaceutical firm. After tracing, she seizes a proof that the pharmaceutical company produces bacterial weapons, but actually a true character of Murai is a leader of ’the Liberation of the Tiger’ named Hong Shao Ching! Maki is unfortunately captured at a loading site of bacterial weapons, and she is about to be executed and to go bye-bye. But Key suddenly appears and rescues Maki right before she is executed. After Maki gets out of the pinch, she wishes to drop out of the case, but under Key’s cooperation, Maki goes to a hideout of ’the Liberation of the Tiger’ in order to recapture bacterial weapons...

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