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CGBD-44 Gravure Idol In Danger - Cosmo War God Chronicles : Gingaiger

In order that Messiah, a cadre of the secret evil organization named the Bagoon, might beat the GinGaeager who is the greatest obstacle of the earth conquest plan, the fearful plan has been gone on over many years... Maki as the GinGa-Jupiter was once accepted as a genius by the orphanage and was brought up in the GinGa-Junior, so that the Ginga-Junior reminds Maki of a nostalgic hometown certainly. Then, one incident is happen, which casts a shadow over such GinGa-Jupiter’s heart. One day Maki is about to meet her father who has been separated for years and has been prayed by Miki behind his back, so that she has a rendezvous with him. But one appears there is a combatant SK6 who is a member of the secret evil organization, the Bagoon. But SK6 tells a shocking truth to Maki that he is actually her father. And she’s captured by Messiah and others who just appear there... But here is the fact that the Bagoon’s members have mandatory retirement of 55 years old and they’re forced to choose whether to be executed or become a monster by the remodeling surgery in order to stop a leak risk of the organization’s information. The GinGa-Jupitor is demanded for the GinGaeager’s confidential information in exchange for disposal of SK6 who reaches retirement age, and it is just the fearful plan of the Bagoon, actually... And there is another person who is forced to choose a serious matter. Zen as the GinGa-Saturn has felt a decline of physical strength, and is asked whether to retire or keep the active service. Such one day, Zen is drinking in a Japanese pub and encounters a spot where a dull middle-aged man is raised a quarrel with by a hoodlum of the town. The middle-aged man is a combatant SK6 who is the old rival! Though Zen takes sides with SK6, they all together are beaten shit out by the hoodlum. Then, Aika as the GinGa-Mercury accidentally walks by there, and beats the hoodlum in an instant. And SK6 tells them that Messiah has a plan to explode their headquarters by using the GinGa-Jupiter who has become a subordinate of the Bagoon after their brainwashing! Well, can the GinGaeager stop the plan of the Bagoon!

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