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CGBD-32 Akiballion V Vol.1

Akane, Meg, Yuiko, and Shizuka are chat friends in an Internet community site ”Warehouse.” While four girls are enjoying their chat, suddenly a mysterious message ” Shizuka has become a part of F” appears on the screen and at the same time Shizuka disappears from the site. But simultaneously a person call oneself Kurama-Tengu (a hero hid his true character and punished bad people in the Edo period) logs in the chat, and the person proposes such a statement ”Let’s go to rescue Shizuka!” Three girls are dubious about it, but... The next day, three girls come to Akihabara where they’re supposed to gather. Out side of the Internet community, they’re totally strangers in the real world, but they meet each other as if they’re led by some density. And a person who called and gathered three girls is Jiro Suga, an owner of a maid coffee shop where coincidentally three girls have used frequently. Base on information given by a personal system engineer, Yuiko, three girls immediately search for Shizuka’s house. Somehow they reach her house and find out Shizuka, but Shizuka pushes them away and suddenly runs away from them. Three girls chase Shizuka in a hurry. Then in front of them, Shizuka who is polluted with an evil spirit and some strange-looking monsters appear. And three girls are attacked by the monsters. But in a moment the evil hands of monsters are about to reach three girls, suddenly a cell phone rings and a person calls oneself ”S” tells three girls if they pray in their minds, they can get some power. They’re so suspicious about it, but they have to pray because the monsters are right in front of them. When they strongly pray in their minds, they wrap with some shining light, and now they find out themselves that they stand face to face with the monsters as fighters called the Akibalion.

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