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CGBD-16 Super Heroine Saves the Crisis !! Star of Selene - The Flower Knight

In an attempt to save Black Amaryllis who is suffering from poision of Witch Toile’s spider, Selene the Star successfully gets them out of a pinch. Toile, however, detects an odder of the poison spewed on Black Amaryllis around Luna, Elbyde’s secretary, and provides her with a false information to make Black Amaryllis believe that Selene has been captured. Toile’s trick works to lure Black Amaryllis into a trap. But Black Amaryllis is determined to not let any secret out against sever tortures. Now Toile plays another trick to get Selene. She provides deceiving information to make Selene believe that Black Amaryllis will be executed to lure her into a trap. Disguising herself as Black Amaryllis Toile succeeds to get Selene. In the meantime Elbyde learns that Selene is a daughter of the late Le Roi Soleil and tries to find out about hidden treasures from her by relentless torture. In front of the two under sever torture Elle finally shows up to save them.

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