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CGAD-17 Hyper Sexy Heroine Cyber Soldier Etoile

Etoile had been grown up by the Doboruzak, the incarnation of the evil, when she was small, and continued to kill reckelessly as a cyborg fighter. She served Doboruzak with her older sister, Krone. Doboruzak told Krone that she would not be able to win Etoile, as Krone still had the human feeling. Dr. Morozumi had been watchin over the circumstances of the two sisters. In defiance to the meaness of Doboruzak, he made Etoile give human feelings. Etoile became to have the human heart again. Dr. Morozumi made inprisoned in the ice stick. Etoile stood aginstDoboruzak to save Dr. Morozumi. However, Krone, who had chosen strength over human feelings, stood in her way. The fight between sisters, Etoile, who tried to regain feelings, and Krone, who gave up feelings, finally started.

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